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Incoterms 2000

Incoterms 2000 - Download:

What ports do you work with? (In Venezuela)

We offer services in the ports of La Guaira and Puerto Cabello

Do you offer air service?

We offer air service in Maiquetia

Do you have special equipment for refrigerated cargo or Flat Rack?

Yes, we carry out import and export operations with special conditions.

What are your opening hours?

We work to serve you from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

How would you coordinate to speak with you personally?

You can contact us through Instagram or via WhatsApp to arrange a meeting, either at your office or ours.

Can I export by sea from Venezuela to Colombia?

Yes, as long as the merchandise is transported by sea without making land stops.

Once the cargo is nationalized, can you do land transportation in Venezuela?

Yes, we offer Land Transportation within our integrated services, to ship your cargo to its destination within the established periods.

I need to export a cargo, can you receive it for container filling at the port?

Yes, we receive merchandise and fill containers in Puerto Cabello, including the corresponding customs procedures.

Can you pick up the merchandise at the factory and take it to the port for import?

Yes, within our service portfolio we have the management of your operation from the factory to the final destination in Venezuela.

How long does the nationalization of a cargo last?

(Once you arrive at a Venezuelan port) The estimated time of our customs service is 03 business days plus the time of ship operations, depending on the corresponding customs procedures.

What shipping companies do you work with?

We maintain relationships with all shipping companies that provide service in the country.

Can you make an estimate of customs expenses for an import?

Yes, in this case you must contact us directly through WhatsApp, email or by calling our corporate numbers.

Can you check the tariff codes of my merchandise?

Yes, we can carry out the verification and tariff suggestion for your product.

Do you work with special regimes?

If we work with special regimes, depending on your need

How can I receive import or export tracking?

Our customer service department will keep you constantly informed, and you also have our WhatsApp hotline for any requirements.

Can I send my cargo without having a company?

It is important to have your company properly established to begin international and local processes.

From how many kilos/square meter can I make a shipment?

From 1mt3 onwards

Are there any restrictions on products to send with Leidy Mar?

None, as long as you have the proper documentation, permits or licenses if required for the imported product.

Do you only import to Venezuela?

We manage your imports and exports.

To which countries can I export?

To any seaport or delivery location where your client requires it

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